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The Bali Curator was founded in January 2018 by Pria Angga Saputra and Cecile Schimmel as Ethical Sourcing Bali. In February 2019 Ethical Sourcing Bali became The Bali Curator.

With a lot of experience in sourcing in Bali and Java for both their own accessories label ‘First of June’, as well as for other brands, Angga and Cecile noticed there is a communication gap between Indonesian artisans and foreign entrepreneurs.
Often the artisans would be extremely skilful and great at their job of creating products, but they would not have learned any time management skills, marketing or to speak English.

On the other hand, foreign entrepreneurs and designers would often have amazing ideas and impressive designs, but they hadn’t been in Indonesia long enough to understand how to communicate their wishes to the artisans in a way that is culturally appropriate and effective. Or they would not even know where to start looking for the person with the right skills to help them produce their dream.

And that is why we started The Bali Curator. We aim to be the bridge that helps designers and entrepreneurs connect to the right artisans and manufacturers. With our small team we are here to help you find artisans to make your designs or private label goods that you’ve been wanting to get for your store.

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