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A True Indonesian School for the Leaders

Madania School, an Indonesian school that combines the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge learning programs, boasts a beautiful and pleasant learning atmosphere that is conducive to building positive and constructive interactions and social relations among students and teachers. Madania offers safe nurturing surroundings and protection from discrimination. Everyone is treated equally and given a chance to pursue their potential and develop their passions and talents in different fields. We also focus on developing students’ social, communication, independence, and problem-solving skills in learning. A large variety of activities are carefully designed to stimulate students’ exploration in the classroom.

For 25 years, Madania School has laid a strong foundation to nurture and motivate its community to do what is right according to the larger society’s commonly accepted conventions and values. We have what we call the “Madania Learner Profile”, a set of aspirational qualities that motivate and inspire the work of the school, teachers, and students, providing a statement of the aims and values of our vision of “a true Indonesian school for the leaders”

Madania School is a warm environment and inclusive school that sees education as training aimed at creating a personal personality that continues to proceed, and at the same time, interact with a variety of social experiences in life. In the process of “learning to be” every student should be able to find solutions to problems, able to make decisions, and can carry out duties and responsibilities. This is our commitment that we continue to strive for. We are aware that this task is very heavy, and of course, there are still many weaknesses. But we are willing to continue to learn and work wholeheartedly to achieve what we have declared.

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