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Indonesia engineers, as part of the world citizen, are collectively responsible in developing science and technology through improvement of human resources dorwards firm, reliable and trustworthy conditions. As an integral part of the nation, Indonesia engineers are also responsible in taking strategic parts that directs national development – through improvement of Engineers professional ability in combining science and technology to support resolving various problems faced by the nation.


The Institution of Engineers Indonesia (PII) is a non profit organization, found in 1952.


Since 1997, PII has conduct Professional Engineers (IP) standard equal to ASEAN and APEC. PII continues to develop sustainable professionalism for IP to meet global competition.


PII actively builds strategic partnerships with goverment, academics and other corporate realm in synchronizing development of science. Among many, PII has and continue to develop study in systemDynamics with the Ministry of Defense and together with several Universities in various provinces has approved development of effective science and technology. In the occasion of supporting MP3EI the Indonesia’s Economic Masterplan, PII is also actively involved in preparing scienc and technology and national human resources.

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  • Alamat Lengkap Sekretariat PII, Gedung Pos Admail lt.2, Jl. Percetakan Negara No.19 Jakarta Pusat 10570
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