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rest your thumb and starts talking
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KUNENA eatery is an authentic American food owned by Roten Indonesia Co.  and is a family business, created passionately by Roten sisters (Dita Roten and Tia Roten) that has  been in the lifestyle business since January 2007.

KUNENA itself established in November 2015. Located in Jl. Komisaris Polisi Bambang S no. 4 Baciro, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. This is the second project of Roten Indonesia Co.  after a fashion line called Friday to Sunday.

The aim  of creating KUNENA eatery is to developing the business into the culinary side, enliven local brand and achieving the vision of the company

KUNENA eatery, taken from African language, KUNENA itself means ‘to speak’, In KUNENA we have one expressing sentence ‘rest your thumb and starts talking’. We ironically speaking of group of people nowadays who prefer to scroll down  the cellphone rather than talking while dining out with friends, and we want KUNENA being the place for you to spent your quality time with the loved ones.

LOGO of KUNENA is a hexagon, which is taken from a shape of beehives.

Beehive is a structure, a habitat, a nest, a place where a result of a hardwork is kept, and those are the vision we carried. We want to make KUNENA as an effective working place but as comfortable as your own home.


OUR mission is to provide a healthy authentic American food with a comfortable dining area for family with children or group of friends. We want to support local product, and challenge the imported franchise that had been went through Indonesian food market. In production, we employed a skillful people, with high dedication to produce one high standard quality product.

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rest your thumb and starts talking
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  • Alamat Lengkap Jl. Komisaris Polisi Bambang Suprapto No. 4, Gondokusuman, Baciro, Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55225, Indonesia
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