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Call it grace & privilage, after graduated from Petra Christian University for Bachelor of Architecture, started out as an export marketing & project for a furniture manufacture company in Surabaya, involve in some retails, residential, & hotel projects. Once, we have chance to design for “American Heritage Furniture”. Occational tables for Las Vegas Furniture Fair. In 2001, I started interiors contractor & custom furniture firm for 5 years, until I met my true calling as a designer in 2006. In 2006, I started my first residential project as an interior designer & I believe that a good design comes through a deep contemplation & long process of explorations. In 2008, we established BK interior design & architectural planning a studio design firm. We responsible to create various, calming, exciting designs to meet function & requirement. Our approach is coming from multiple perspectives from client. We have been involved for various project from private residential, hospitality, retails, commercials and religious. Proper balance among the classic oriental element, modern artwork & technology to achieve maximum potential of each project. Are carefully combine to achieve a unique, all elements finally, we only now appreciate our own culture. It is an honour & privilege to be able to deliver something back to make a better world in humble way.

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