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Our company has defined our corporate value as “Smiles for the Public” and we contribute to solving social issues by providing solutions that integrate sound and video equipment as well as network technology.

Since our founding in 1934, we have been providing high-performance, durable products to the world. We have developed many products that have been the first of their kinds in Japan and the world, such as Japan’s first reflex trumpet speaker in 1947 and the world’s first electric megaphone in 1954, which have been highly acclaimed.

Today, our wide range of products are used in more than 120 countries around the world, including Voice Evacuation Systems for various facilities, announcement broadcast systems for stations and airports, background music and announcement broadcasting for commercial facilities, microphones for office conferences, and audio equipment for sports facilities and halls. We also focus on video and security equipment, such as security and surveillance cameras and image sensing systems, which are continuously adopted by many of our customers because of our ability to propose optimal solutions to their various on-site issues and objectives.

We believe that our company’s sustainable growth will be achieved by flexibly adapting to the rapidly changing social trends of recent years and continuing to contribute to society through our business. Looking ahead to the year 2030, we have established Management Vision 2030: “Dr. Sound—becoming a professional organization that improves sound in society.” We will create new value by integrating the sound and video technologies we have cultivated as a specialist manufacturer with our network, and by seamlessly linking with other companies’ systems as well.

Furthermore, in response to customer requests for “remote” and “automated” services, we intend to create new value while solving social issues by expanding our service business to include remote location status monitoring and automatic announcements in response to congestion conditions.

When people feel the values of reassurance, reliability, and emotion, there will naturally be smiles all around. We will continue to hone our sound and visual technologies and provide value through our products and services, aiming to create a society that makes people smile.


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